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根 据
Category/分类:传记类 自传 回忆录
  Book ID/图书代码:13629023C00001
页数: 240 定价: 0美元 上传日期: 2023-3-27

English Summary/英文概要: A darkly funny memoir and investigation into the charms and crimes of the untrustworthy

Romance scams, pyramid schemes, bogus debts and fake news, the world is awash with confidence tricksters and swindlers. But what happens if the fraudster is your lover?

It has been said that trust is a risk masquerading as a promise and, as Hemingway suggested, ‘The way to make people trustworthy is to trust them’. Once we have fallen under the spell of malevolent hucksters, their power is real, as is the loss of self and hope when the spell breaks.

A hybrid memoir and a personal detective story, Trust is an exploration of what it means to trust, why we trust, and what happens when trust is betrayed. With a particular view to fraud and corruption within the hallowed walls of sandstone universities, Ryckmans brings to light the oft subtle, brutal nature of the control that fraudsters have over their victims, and shows the deep impacts their actions have on others personally and professionally. The cover up – sometimes said to be worse than the crime – has insidious effects.

Trust is a fractured fable. It is darkly funny, wistful, and spare in tone and approach.

Chinese Summary/中文概要: 愛情騙局、金字塔計劃、虛假債務和假新聞,這個世界充斥著騙子和詐騙。 但如果騙子是你的情人,會發生什麼事?

有人說,信任是一種偽裝成承諾的風險,正如海明威所說,「讓人們值得信賴的方法就是信任他們」。 一旦我們被惡毒的小販迷住了,他們的力量就是真實的,當咒語被打破時,自我和希望的喪失也是如此。

一部混合回憶錄和個人的偵探故事,本書探索了信任的意義、我們為什麼信任,以及當信任被背叛時會發生什麼。 萊克曼斯特別關注砂岩大學神聖牆內的欺詐和腐敗,揭示了欺詐者對受害者的控制往往微妙而殘酷的本質,並展示了他們的行為對他人個人和職業的深刻影響。 掩蓋事實——有時被認為比犯罪更糟糕——具有潛在的影響。

本書是一個現代社會的寓言。以陰暗且樸實的語調娓娓道來。 (Zoe)

Awards/获奖情况: ★2023《雪梨先驅晨報-文學版》新書推薦

「我一口氣讀完了且愛不釋手。 真的。 它寫得很漂亮,也很巧妙。」——西蒙·溫徹斯特(Simon Winchester),《紐約時報》暢銷書《教授與狂人》的作者

「坦率而誠實……證明打破這些循環的唯一方法就是說實話。」——艾米·理查茲,獲得艾美獎的《Woman》 (Viceland) 的製片人和《We Are Makers》的作者。

「生動透明。 俐落。 我從第一段就完全被迷住了。」——喬安娜·班傑明教授(Professor Joanna Benjamin),倫敦經濟學院名譽法學教授

「一個愛爾蘭版的雷普利愚弄了中央銀行、精英大學、大公司和許多商業領袖的非凡故事本身就令人著迷和震驚,但他也用誘人的邀請、奢侈的的禮物和葉慈的鞭笞迷惑眾多聰明且世故的女性,但就如同珍妮·萊克曼斯 (Jeanne Ryckmans) 巧妙的描寫,當他對她施暴時,一切都崩潰了。」 ——安妮·薩默斯,澳大利亞作家和專欄作家,著名的女權主義者之一

「一個扣人心弦、令人難以忘懷的故事講述了你無法放下的信任背叛——一個關於夢想、現實以及兩者之間經常吞沒我們所有人的巨大差距的故事。 」--Amanda L. Tyler,與Ruth Bader Ginsburg 合著Justice, Justice Thou Shalt Pursue.

‘I read it in one sitting and loved loved loved it. Truly. It is beautifully and cleverly told.’ —Simon Winchester, New York Times bestselling author of The Professor and the Madman

‘Raw and honest … a testament that the only way to break these cycles is to tell the truth.’ —Amy Richards, Producer of the Emmynominated Woman (Viceland) and author of We Are Makers.

‘Vivid and transparent. Deft. I was absolutely hooked from the first paragraph.’ —Professor Joanna Benjamin, Emeritus Professor of Law, The London School of Economics

The extraordinary story of an Irish Ripley, a fraudster and conman who fooled central banks, elite universities, major companies and scores of individual business leaders is in itself captivating and astounding, but he also plied a series of smart sophisticated women with seductive invitations, extravagant gifts and lashings of Yeats and, as Jeanne Ryckmans so deftly reconstructs, it all fell apart when he got violent with her. --Anne Summers, Australian writer and columnist, best known as a leading feminist

A gripping and haunting account of trust betrayed that you won’t be able to put down – a story of dreams, reality, and the wide gap between the two that too often engulfs us all. --Amanda L. Tyler, co-author with Ruth Bader Ginsburg on Justice, Justice Thou Shalt Pursue.

About the Author/作者介绍: JEANNE RYCKMANS 在澳大利亞出版業工作了二十年。 她是 Cameron’s Agency 的文學經紀人,曾任蘭登書屋和哈珀柯林斯澳大利亞公司的資深發行人。 在此之前,她曾在法國和澳大利亞的藝術電視台擔任主持人和製片人,並曾擔任 ELLE 的專題編輯和澳大利亞版 Vogue 的編輯。 她是兩本書的作者。

JEANNE RYCKMANS has worked for two decades in Australian publishing. A literary agent with Cameron’s Agency, she was formerly senior publisher at Random House and HarperCollins Australia. Prior to this she worked in arts television in France and Australia as presenter and producer, and was features editor at ELLE and books editor for Vogue Australia. She is the author of two books.

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