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English Summary/英文概要: When Juno Browne finds a life-sized effigy floating in the River Ashburn, a note attached claims it as the work of Cutty Dyer, Ashburton’s mythical blood-drinking demon. But despite Juno’s instinct that this is a sign of trouble ahead, the police dismiss her find as a practical joke. Then the body of a woman is discovered by the river and it becomes clear that a killer has taken on Cutty’s identity. But as suspicion falls on someone close to her, Juno finds herself drawn into solving the mystery, desperate to prove her friend’s innocence. As the rain falls steadily and the level of the River Ashburn continues to rise, Juno must unmask the real identity of Cutty Dyer, or risk being swept away on a murderous tide.

Chinese Summary/中文概要: 在朱诺·布朗恩(Juno Browne)的货车起火,差点烤了一只狗的那天,朱诺遇到了詹姆斯·韦斯特肖尔(James Westershall),他是庞大的,莫华西·蔡斯(Moorworthy Chase)地产的主人。她和一帮“老尼克”团队的朋友们受邀,可以带着他们的东西去参加即将到来的花园义卖。邀请函中包括了‘老尼克’团队中最新的、最令人恼火的成员加文(Gavin)。节日期间,加文四处游荡,后来被发现死在附近的树林里,显然是一场离奇事故的受害者。警方随后进行了调查,但结果没有定论,而朱诺却又自己的推断。当她开始着手调查时,她发现加文并不是唯一一个在莫华西·蔡斯庄园离奇死亡的受害者,这其中还包括一位在莫华西庄园洞穴中研究稀有蝙蝠种群的专家。朱诺很快明白在这出庄园里有什么不对劲的地方,而洞穴里似乎隐藏着深邃而又危险的秘密。(Sandy)

About the Author/作者介绍: Stephanie Austin has enjoyed a varied career, working as an artist and an antiques trader, but also for the Devon Schools Library Service. When not writing she is actively involved in amateur theatre as a director and actor, and attempts to be a competent gardener and cook. She lives in Devon.


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English Summary/英文概要: Dyslexic learner and teacher Alais Winton shows the positives of being dyslexic, and makes learning (and even spelling!) fun, with games and activities to make school learning simple.

An inventive and practical book for children aged 7 to 13 who have been identified as having dyslexic tendencies, this book contains practical and creative activities for kids and teens to use, such as Spelling Sculptures and Hear it, Sing it, Beat it! The games and activities use the four different learning styles that work best with dyslexics - thinking in pictures, in movement, in music or socially.

With funny cartoons, which appeal to visual thinkers, and a section with advice on how parents and guardians can aid learning, this is an essential toolkit for any dyslexic child.

Chinese Summary/中文概要:

About the Author/作者介绍: Alais Winton is a private tutor working with dyslexic children in Wales. She has taught on several further education programmes, as well as teaching adult learners on PGCE courses. As a dyslexic teacher and learner herself, Alais has collated and researched techniques to assist dyslexic learners in education.


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English Summary/英文概要: The perfect book for anyone who wants to know the secrets to always looking stylish with minimal effort. Former Fashion Director at Stylist magazine and a contributor to Glamour, Grazia, Harper’s Bazaar and Telegraph Magazine amongst others, Alexandra Fullerton reveals the tips and tricks that fashion insiders use to put their outfits together. Chapters include: Fashion vs Style, Signature Style, The Essential Items, How to Shop, Your Wardrobe, Secret Styling Tricks and Fashion is Fun. Focusing on fashion essentials, personal style, shopping on the high street and online and investing in designer pieces, Alex reveals all the failsafe formulas involved in always looking your best. Lavishly illustrated by specially commissioned artist Bijou Karman, a fashion illustrator from Los Angeles whose clients include: Converse, Cinespia, ELLE, Harper’s Bazaar and Rihanna. She featured as Urban Outfitters (US) `Artist of the Week’ in May 2017, has been profiled by Vanity Fair (US), Grazia (Germany) and Glamour (Italy) and has 60k followers on Instagram. Alex encourages readers to get to know their style icons alongside streamlining their own style and outlines the central capsule wardrobe which can be edited to suit each individual personal preference. This book will be an indispensable guide to creating your own style and making sure you never look at your wardrobe and think `I have nothing to wear’ again.

Chinese Summary/中文概要: 这是一本完美的书,适合任何想知道秘密的人,只要努力就能保持时尚。《时尚》杂志的前时尚总监、《魅力》、《红秀》、《时尚芭莎》和《每日电讯报》的撰稿人亚历山德拉•富尔顿揭示了时尚界人士用来搭配服装的技巧和技巧。章节包括:时尚vs风格,标志性风格,必备物品,如何购物,你的衣柜,秘密造型技巧和时尚是有趣的。亚历克斯专注于时尚的本质,个人风格,在商业街和网上购物,并投资于设计师作品,他揭示了所有的失败安全公式,总是让你看起来最好。特别委托艺术家比茹•卡曼,一位来自洛杉矶的时尚插画家,他的客户包括:匡威, Cinespia, 世界时装之苑, 时尚芭莎和雷安娜。她的特色是城市旅行者(美国),2017年5月的《艺术家周》已被《名利场》、《红秀》(德国)和《魅力》杂志(意大利)评为“最佳艺人”,在“照片分享”上拥有60k粉丝。亚历克斯鼓励读者了解自己的风格图标,同时精简自己的风格,并勾勒出中央胶囊衣橱,可以根据个人喜好进行编辑。这本书将成为你创造自己风格的不可或缺的指南,确保你永远不会对着你的衣柜,并认为“我没有什么可穿”。(WYL)

About the Author/作者介绍: 亚历山德拉•富勒顿是造型杂志的时尚总监,长达七年。她独自外出,现在仍在为静止和移动的照片、T台秀和目录做造型。她是《红秀》、《每日电讯报》、《时尚芭莎》、《Vogue》(巴西)、《魅力》(俄罗斯)和露露的撰稿人,她还在世界各地的时装周上表演超级名模和名人。她的商业客户包括斯特拉•麦卡特尼和玛莎百货。2017年,她也成为了怀尔德杂志的时尚编辑。亚历克斯在伦敦工作,和她的丈夫和女儿杰瑞住在埃塞克斯。

Alexandra Fullerton was Fashion Director at Stylist magazine for seven years. Going out on her own, she is now styling for still and moving pictures, catwalk shows and catalogues. A contributor to Grazia, Telegraph Magazine, Harper’s Bazaar, Vogue (Brazil), Glamour (Russia) and Lulu, she also styles supermodels and celebrities for Fashion Week shows around the world. Her commercial clients include Stella McCartney and Marks & Spencer. In 2017, she also became Fashion Editor at large for Wylde magazine. Alex works in London and lives in Essex with her husband and daughter Jerry.


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English Summary/英文概要: First-time moms have plenty to be grateful for --and plenty to worry about. Centered on the concerns of expecting moms, 50 Things to Do Before You Deliver narrows the vast field of pregnancy advice to 50 specific, proactive steps for peace of mind before baby arrives. Unlike other pregnancy books for first time moms, this book includes only what is necessary and helpful, and leaves out the rest. Written by Jill Krause--creator of the award-winning pregnancy blog, Baby Rabies, and mom of four--50 Things to Do Before You Deliver arms moms-to-be with suggestions and tools that are actually useful.

Chinese Summary/中文概要:

About the Author/作者介绍: JILL KRAUSE is the founder of Baby Rabies, an award-winning blog about pregnancy and parenthood. In the summer of 2007, Jill diagnosed herself with baby rabies--an obsession with getting pregnant, not an actual disease, y’all--and the website was born soon after (followed, appropriately, by her first child). The blog has since been rec¬ognized by a variety of media, including TIME, Vogue, Buzzfeed, and The Bump, and was awarded the 2016 Iris Award for Blog of the Year. Jill’s posts and videos have been published online by outlets such as Daily Mail, Us Weekly, Huffing¬ton Post, Today, and more. Jill earned her undergraduate degree in journalism from the University of Missouri, where she met her husband Scott. Together, they have four children: Kendall, Leyna, Lowell, and Wallace. In 2017, they sold their Dallas-area home and bought an RV. They are touring the country with their children the rest of 2018 and sharing that adventure on Happy Loud Life.


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English Summary/英文概要: What parts of ourselves are lost and found when life takes us somewhere new? A bride joining her husband in Britain yearns for the freedom of her student days in Sudan; a Scottish groom loses his way whilst visiting his prospective in-laws in Khartoum; a romance fails to bloom between a spoilt Sudanese girl and a working-class Scottish boy. Set against the backdrop of the British immigrant experience, these stories lay bare the everyday highs and lows encountered by those searching for a place where they belong.

In this luminous new collection, Leila Aboulela explores powerful themes with sensitivity and realism as she visits the spaces that lie between here and home.

Chinese Summary/中文概要: 来自当代最为优秀的作家之一的最新小说,入围本届2018年度社会小说奖,Leila Aboulela的这部’他乡’向我们展现了一位孤身在外的中东移民女子的真实生活,这部小说还受到了各位名家,J.M.库切,苏格兰当代著名作家、2015年百利女性小说奖得主Ali Smith,和Aminatta Forna的力荐。 一位年轻的女子与前同窗的意外相遇,让她痛苦地回想起自己之前在[苏丹]喀土穆的生活。一个在(英国)阿伯丁郡的有钱苏丹学子,与一个苏格兰男人开始了一段不可思议的友谊。一个女人和她最喜爱的作家,展开了一段持续升温的关系,这些看似不相干的人分享着彼此间共同的文化折射出各自不同对身份的认同和冲突。 穿梭于喀土穆尘土飞扬、阳光明媚的街道与阿伯丁郡和伦敦的大学大厅和狭窄的公寓之间。‘他乡’以微妙和克制的方式,探索出一个人为追求另一种生活而离开家园所带来的深切的渴望、失落和疏离感。(Sandy)

About the Author/作者介绍: Leila Aboulela是一位获奖小说家和剧作家。她的小说曾入围橘子奖,还曾入围‘纽约时报’年度杰出作品的‘The Translator/译者’,此书还被译成十四种语言,另外作者本人还是苏格兰图书奖小说奖得主。Aboulela因其作品关注伊斯兰文化和移民身份等问题而受到业界高度关注。作者本人生于苏丹的喀土穆,现定居于阿伯丁郡。

Leila Aboulela is an award-winning Sudanese-born novelist and playwright. Her novels, translated into more than fourteen languages, include The Translator, Minaret and Lyrics Alley, which were all longlisted for the Orange Prize. Lyrics Alley was also Fiction Winner of the Scottish Book Awards. She lives in Aberdeen.


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English Summary/英文概要: The genesis of House of Incest was in the dream. The keeping of dreams was an important part of that exploration of the unconscious. But I discovered dreams in themselves, isolated, were not always interesting. Very few of them had the complete imagery and tension to arouse others’ interest. They were fragmented. The surrealists delighted in the image themselves. This was satisfying to the painters and to the film-makers. But to the novelist concerned with human character dramas, they seemed ephemeral and vaporous. They had to be connected with life. It was psychoanalysis which revealed to me the constant interaction of dream and action. It was a phrase of Jung’s which inspired me to write House of Incest. He said: "Proceed from the dream outward." In other words, it was essentially a matter of precedence. To capture the drama of the unconscious, one had to start with the key, and the key was the dream. But the novelist’s task was to pursue this dream, to unravel its meaning; the goal was to reach the relation of dream to life; the suspense was in finding this which led to a deeper significance of our acts. "Meanwhile a batch of dreams kept for a year served as a takeoff for House of Incest. They supplied the atmosphere, its climate and texture. At the same time I discovered that the dream had to be expanded, recreated, could not be told literally for then it became as flat and one-dimensional as representational realism. One had to find a language for it, a way of describing atmosphere, the colors and textures in which it moved. [...]" The dream taught me not only the delight of sensory images, but the fact, far more vital, that they led directly into this realm of the unconscious which Joyce, Virginia Woolf, and Proust attained in various ways-Joyce by free association, with words, play on words, Proust by trusting the free associative process of memory and staying lingeringly in the realm between sleep and waking which resembles the waking dream, Virginia Woolf by accepting the vision of the poet as reality.

Chinese Summary/中文概要:

About the Author/作者介绍: Anais Nin (1903-1977) was one of the most unique literary figures of this century. As a novelist she was distinctly catalytic, and her life-long diary resembles no other in the history of letters. Her books have been translated in a dozen languages.


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English Summary/英文概要: A new breed of socially conscious companies is changing how consumers shop, where employees work, and the way in which the world does business.

Rise Up: How to Build a Socially Conscious Business sets the stage for this optimistic business trend where companies create financial profit for stakeholders through products, services, and business models that create social impact and public benefit.

With more than 25 years running a Certified B Corporation that has always had social responsibility at its core, Russ Stoddard offers insights and guidance on how to create a socially conscious business, as well as encouraging words for social entrepreneurs of every generation.

Chinese Summary/中文概要: 一种全新的具有社会意识的公司正在改变着消费者们的购物模式,员工们的工作环境,以及这个世界的商业模式。 《新企兴起:如何打造社会型企业》专为这一积极地商业趋势建立起舞台,在这个舞台上,公司可以通过产品,服务,以及能够创造社会影响与产生公共利益的商业模式为其股东创造经济收益。


About the Author/作者介绍: 鲁斯•斯多达德的职业生涯开始于游船导游,随后他才进入了企业的世界并逐渐以企业与其社会责任专家的身份被熟知并被认可。

他参与成立并负责运营Oliver Russell,一家致力于公众利益的企业,主要为有想法用产品,服务或商业模式去造福社会的公司进行品牌打造建设。



Russ Stoddard began his career as a river guide before entering the corporate world where he has become recognized as an expert working at the confluence of business and social responsibility.

He is the founder and president of Oliver Russell, a public benefit corporation that builds brands for purpose-driven companies whose products, services or business models benefit society.

Russ is a leader in the certified B Corporation community, a new classification of companies that use the power of business to solve social and environmental issues. He has received awards for lifetime achievements in community service from the American Advertising Federation, the YMCA, and his alma mater, the University of Puget Sound.

He lives in beautiful Boise, Idaho, with his wife, Sarah, and their standard poodle, Roux.


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English Summary/英文概要: Discover a new way of thinking about leadership – learn how anyone, at any level of an organization, can be a leader.

Today’s business, political, and not-for-profit worlds are plagued by a leadership disease – the overly simplistic view of leadership as something that resides in one person, or a few people, who influence lower-level subordinates. This wrong-headed view of leadership is dangerous – it fosters corruption, abuse of power, and the waste of human talent. Twisted Leadership offers a cure for this leadership disease.

The book shows you that leadership is a dynamic, complex social process, not just a role occupied by an individual at the top. You’ll learn how to combine four practical strategies – self, super, shared, and socially responsible leadership – to create a new kind leadership that can be exchanged among members of a group based on the context, goals, knowledge, experience, or general needs of the group. It’s the ultimate cure for the leadership disease. Learn:

- How the leadership disease was originally contracted what damage it can do
- Why today’s common approaches to leadership practice aren’t good enough
- How to view leadership as a process, not just a role
- How to use the four strategies of twisted leadership to treat the disease

The book concludes with prescriptions to facilitate sustainable twisted leadership. You’ll discover how the lines between leaders and followers (who often know more and are in a better position to exercise leadership over themselves and others at key points in work processes) have become blurred. And after reading this book, you’ll see that a new kind of leadership has arrived, just in time.

Chinese Summary/中文概要: 发现一种思考领导力的新方法——任何一个组织中任何级别的人都能成为领导者。





About the Author/作者介绍: Charles C. Manz博士,是一位演说家、顾问、畅销书作家,发表了200多篇文章和学术论文以及20多本书,包括《自我领导》;《新的超级领导能力》;《分享》,《不带头》;《失败的力量》;《适合领导》;《没有老板的生意》;《耶稣的领导智慧》;《Foreword Reviews》杂志年度最佳金奖得主《情绪自律书》;及Stybel-Peabody 国家图书奖得主《超级领导力》。他的作品刊登在《华尔街日报》、《财富》、《美国新闻与世界报道》、《成功》、《今日心理学》、《快公司》等全国媒体上。他是在马萨诸塞州大学孤山管理学院教授。他的客户包括3M、福特、施乐、通用汽车、宝洁、美国运


Craig L. Pearce博士,演说家、顾问、企业家。他发表过几十篇文章和几本书,包括《分享》《不带头》《共同领导》等。他的作品获得了许多奖项,其中包括宾夕法尼亚州立大学校友奖,并在《华尔街日报》和《金融时报》上发表。他是南阿拉巴马大学米切尔商学院的杰出教授。他曾在许多著名的大学,包括哈佛、阿姆斯特丹大学、维也纳大学、杜克大学、北京大学、基础学院等发表演说。他是伊斯坦布尔德勤领导力研究所的创始董事,曾为包括美国运通、中央情报局、路虎、Mack Trucks、熊猫快递等在内的许多企业及组织进行过咨询。他是一位领导力培养专家和领导者,从现实的领导经验中建立了创业公司。

Charles C. Manz, Ph.D., is a speaker, consultant, and bestselling author of over 200 articles and scholarly papers and more than 20 books, including Self-Leadership; The New SuperLeadership; Share, Don’t Take the Lead; The Power of Failure; Fit to Lead; Business Without Bosses; The Leadership Wisdom of Jesus; Foreword Reviews magazine best-book-of-the-year Gold Award winner Emotional Discipline; and Stybel-Peabody National Book Prize-winner SuperLeadership. His work has been featured in the Wall Street Journal, Fortune, U.S. News & World Report, Success, Psychology Today, Fast Company, and other national media. He is the Nirenberg Chaired Professor of Leadership in the Isenberg School of Management at the University of Massachusetts Amherst. Formerly a Marvin Bower Fellow at the Harvard Business School, his clients have included 3M, Ford, Xerox, General Motors, P&G, American Express, the Mayo Clinic, Banc One, the U.S. and Canadian governments, and many others.

Craig L. Pearce, Ph.D., is a speaker, consultant, and entrepreneur. He has published scores of articles and several books, including Share, Don’t Take the Lead; The Drucker Difference; and Shared Leadership. His work has garnered many awards, including the Penn State Alumni Fellow Award, and has been featured in the Wall Street Journal and the Financial Times Agenda. He is the Ben May Distinguished Professor at the Mitchell College of Business, University of South Alabama. He has lectured at many leading universities, including Harvard, Duke, University of Amsterdam, Vienna University, Peking University, Instituto de Empresa. He was the founding Director of the Deloitte Leadership Institute in Istanbul and has consulted for numerous organizations, including American Express, the Central Intelligence Agency, Land Rover, Mack Trucks, Panda Express, and many others. He is both a leadership development expert and a leader, drawing from real-life leadership experience building entrepreneurial firms.


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English Summary/英文概要: This practical guide for job hunters or employees at any career stage offers useful advice, tools, and exercises to help you find the job you’ll love.

How can you discover a job that really matches your needs? A job that provides meaning to your life? Fit Matters shows you how.

Odds are that you want to bring your best self to work. You want a job that feeds your spirit, your mind, and your heart. Fit matters – it’s crucial if you’re to perform at your best.

Thought-provoking and practical, the book offers tools and exercises designed to help you evaluate the fit between your needs and the culture of your current or prospective employer, assess and articulate what you really need to thrive at work, and develop options if you find yourself in a company or job where you are misfit.

You’ll learn that self-knowledge, combined with an understanding of six elements of work fit, will help you make decisions that will lead to better job satisfaction and improved performance over the entire course of your career.

Chinese Summary/中文概要: 这本实用的猎职雇佣指南为各个职业阶段提供了行之有效的建议,工具,以及练习的机会,助你找到热情所在的工作。

你该如何发现迎合自己需求的工作?一份可以让你的生活有意义的工作?《契合才重要》将告诉你如何去做。 极有可能的是:你希望能在工作中呈现最好的自己。你希望一份工作可以满足你的精神,思想,以及心灵需求。如果你渴望让自己有最棒的表现,《契合才重要》就是最为至关重要的。



About the Author/作者介绍:


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English Summary/英文概要: Don’t Let Brilliant Ideas Get Lost in Bad Presentations.

Inspiring and influencing others starts with the effective delivery of ideas. Speaker and trainer Christee Gabour Atwood designed the interactive two-day, one-day, and half-day workshops in this book with exactly that in mind.

Help your training participants become confident speakers who engage and invigorate others with effective presentations and address challenges with tact and professionalism.

Complete with effective training methodologies, this book helps you accelerate learning and leverage technology for maximum efficiency. Workshop programs found in this volume make planning easy and can be tailored for the unique needs of your organization. Supplemental resources are available online and include downloadable and customizable presentation slides, handouts, assessments, and tools.

Chinese Summary/中文概要:

About the Author/作者介绍: When you use a workbook by Christee Atwood, you gain the benefit of her impressive experience as a speaker, trainer, and knowledge management adviser. A certified Franklin Covey trainer who has worked with Fortune 500 companies, major associations, and governmental entities, Atwood provides the knowledge and tools you need to deliver top-notch workshops in your own organization. She does all this with an easy-to-read conversational style and plenty of humor. In fact, Atwood teaches "But UnSeriously Folks!"―a course on the effective use of humor in the workplace―and has written a humorous autobiography, Three Feet Under: Journal of a Midlife Crisis. Atwood has also written three ASTD Press books: Knowledge Management Basics, Succession Planning Basics, and Presentation Skills Training.

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