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    English Summary/英文概要: The author of the bestseller The Lost Garden returnswith a luminous novel of intertwining stories that meet in a haunting, movingclimax.
    Each evening at dusk, six people gather at the edge of thewoods, calling their dogs to come back to them, dogs that have turned wild andvanished from their lives. Drawn together by need, the group forms its own smallcommunity—until violence strikes unexpectedly.
    Humphreys’ graceful writing, her superb eye for detail, hersensitivity and intelligence combine to produce an unforgettable story about thewild in all of us.

    Chinese Summary/中文概要: • Optioned for film 爱丽丝的男友将她的狗弃之荒野,随后这条狗加入了野狗行列。每天傍晚,爱丽丝和其他五个人聚集在森林入口处,试图想要唤狗回心转意。透过他们与狗的故事,许多有关猜忌和复仇的传闻相继散播开来:杰米与自己的继父关系紧张;受到脑部重创而痛苦不已的莉莉,任性妄为。随着日渐一日的忧伤,爱丽丝搬至马尔科姆一处的小屋内居住,她的这一举动引起了寻狗团体内其他人的怀疑。当她与一位野生生物学家坠入爱河,而他们豢养的狼成为野狗群的头领时,她感到自己对野性力量的爱慕和对驯化的渴望之间的纠结矛盾。在一次悲剧性的事故之后,这些成员必须重新审视自己的生活,重新找到自己在这一蛮荒之地的位置。《豺狗》是一部以脱离传统意义上的爱情和激情,来揭示更为深刻内涵真理的小说。(Sandy)

    Awards/获奖情况:Six people stand at the edge of the woods, hoping to lure back their dogs who, released by family members who think they know best, have banded together and run wild. Similarly, the humans who once owned them form an unlikely bond, sharing both the loss of their beloved pets and fear of the people who had the power to send them away. Paying tribute to Faulkner, Canadian novelist Humphreys (The Lost Garden; Afterimage) tells her story from multiple points of view. The narrator of the first half of the book is Alice, who moves out of her boyfriend’s home after he condemns her dog to life in the wild. In some of the stronger passages, Alice addresses her new lover, a wildlife biologist, in the second person; also effective is the well-rendered voice of Lily, the "idiot" of the bunch, who suffered brain damage as a result of a childhood accident with fire. Other voices are less distinct, and the surprise revelation of the wildlife biologist’s identity will strike some readers as contrived. Concerned with philosophical notions of the innate wildness of humans and the nature of love, the text is plagued by the excessive use of rhetorical, existential questions, though Humphreys poignantly captures the uneasy camaraderie that can arise among strangers. Agent, Frances Hanna. (Apr.) ---Publishers Weekly

    *Starred Review* Every evening six lonely people stand in a field facing deep woods and call for their dogs, beloved pets that were run off by parents, spouses, or lovers. The town’s only big employer, a furniture factory, has closed, and the men are drinking too much and taking their anger out on their women, kids, and dogs. The resourceful canines have formed a pack and gone wild, but their six grieving and plaintive humans maintain their vigil nonetheless. There’s sad and contemplative Alice, the novel’s primary narrator; skateboarder Jamie, whose stepfather beats him; gentle, mentally deficient Lily; Malcolm, an eccentric, possibly dangerous recluse; Walter the hypochondriac;^B and a wolf specialist, with whom Alice falls in love. Told from various points of view, this evocative, unpredictable, and frightening story poetically parses the meaning of wildness. Doesn’t the wild have its own order, rules, and demands? Isn’t human life wild in its emotional chaos, violence, and anguish? Versatile and nervy Canadian novelist Humphreys, whose works include Afterimage (2001) and The Lost Garden (2002), delves into the deepest mysteries of existence with empathy, imagination, and an earthy and thrilling lyricism. Donna Seaman---Booklist

    About the Author/作者介绍: HELEN HUMPHREYS is the author of four previous acclaimed novels: Leaving Earth, which won the City of Toronto Book Award and was named a New York Times Notable Book; Afterimage, winner of the Rogers Writers’ Trust Fiction Prize; The Lost Garden, a finalist for Canada Reads 2003; and Wild Dogs, winner of a Lambda Literary Award and one of NOW Magazine’s Top 10 Fiction Books of 2004. Her recent non-fiction work, The Frozen Thames, was a #1 national bestseller. Humphreys lives in Kingston, Ontario.
    HELEN HUMPHREYS是個知名的加拿大作家。著有7本作品:
    《Leaving Earth》(1998)獲得多倫多城市圖書獎(the City of Toronto Book Award),並獲得1998紐約時報年度矚目好書(A New York Times Notable Book)提名。
    《Afterimage》(2000)獲頒Rogers Writers’ Trust Fiction Prize。
    《The Lost Garden》(2002)入圍2003年加拿大好書決選。
    《Wild Dogs》(2004)獲得浪達同志文學獎(Lambda Literary Award)與2004年《NOW》雜誌十大好書。
    《The Frozen Thames》(非小說,2007)是暢銷冠軍。


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