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    English Summary/英文概要: Among the brilliant writers and thinkers who emerged from the multicultural and multilingual world of the Austro-Hungarian Empire were Joseph Roth, Robert Musil, and Ludwig Wittgenstein. For them, the trauma of World War I included the sudden loss of the geographical entity into which they had been born: in 1918, the empire was dissolved overnight, leaving Austria a small, fragile republic that would last only twenty years before being annexed by Hitler’s Third Reich. In this major reconsideration of European modernism, Marjorie Perloff identifies and explores the aesthetic world that emerged from the rubble of Vienna and other former Habsburg territories--an "Austro-Modernism" that produced a major body of drama, fiction, poetry, and autobiography. Perloff explores works ranging from Karl Kraus’s drama The Last Days of Mankind and Elias Canetti’s memoir The Tongue Set Free to Ludwig Wittgenstein’s notebooks and Paul Celan’s lyric poetry. Throughout, she shows that Austro-Modernist literature is characterized less by the formal and technical inventions of a modernism familiar to us in the work of A Joyce and Pound, Dada and Futurism, than by a radical irony beneath a seemingly conventional surface, an acute sense of exile, and a sensibility more erotic and quixotic than that of its German contemporaries. Skeptical and disillusioned, Austro-Modernism prefers to ask questions rather than formulate answers.

    Chinese Summary/中文概要: 在奥匈帝国的多元文化和多语言世界中涌现的杰出作家和思想家中,有约瑟夫•罗斯、罗伯特•穆西尔和路德维希•维特根斯坦。对他们来说,第一次世界大战的创伤包括他们出生的地理实体的突然丧失: 1918年,帝国在一夜之间瓦解,使奥地利成为一个小而脆弱的共和国,在希特勒的第三帝国吞并前,它只会持续20年。在对欧洲现代主义的重大反思中,马乔里•佩洛夫指出并探索了从维也纳和其他哈布斯堡王朝的废墟中浮现出来的美学世界——一种“奥斯特现代主义”,它产生了一大批戏剧、小说、诗歌和自传。珀洛夫探索了从卡尔•克劳斯的戏剧《人类的最后岁月》和《伊莱亚斯•卡内蒂的回忆录》到路德维希•维特根斯坦的笔记和保罗•赛兰的抒情诗。她表明奥特斯现代主义文学特征是现代主义的形式和技术发明,是我们熟悉工作的乔伊斯和英镑,是达达主义和未来主义,而不是一个传统的表面之下的激进的讽刺,急性的流放,感性比这更色情和不切实际的德国人。持怀疑态度和幻想破灭的现代主义倾向于提出问题而不是给出答案。(WYL)





    "Always on the cutting edge of whatever she investigates, Perloff throws light on the subtleties and contradictions--inner and outer--of the literary universe of Celan and Canetti, Kraus and Freud, Musil and Roth. She interweaves, as no one else could, the examination of Celan’s poetry with his personal life. The majestic coda to her study, dealing with Wittgenstein’s fascination with the Christian Gospels and his complicated involvement with his own traces of anti-Semitism, forms a particularly convincing refusal of closure, the enemy of the historical modernism she so brilliantly studies and espouses."--Mary Ann Caws, author of Surprised in Translation

    "Edge of Irony is a beautifully written account of Austrian modernism. In this important contribution to European literary history, Perloff reveals the rich contexts and surprising contemporaneity of mid-twentieth-century Austrian literature."--Patrick Greaney, University of Colorado Boulder

    "This book takes us into the undiscovered country of Austro-Modernism in all of its historical complexity, and in the process requires us to address in new ways the questions of literary innovation, the sources of authorial identity, and how to read texts whose distinctive language and formal ingenuity confront us with the inadequacies of our received critical concepts and practices. Edge of Irony is without doubt the most impressive achievement of Perloff’s distinguished career."--Gerald Bruns, University of Notre Dame

    "Most critics have dealt with Austrian modernism--and modernism in general--from a prewar perspective. Perloff rightly sees the aftermath of the war, the breakup of empire, as informing the Austro-Modernists’ boldest works. Edge of Irony presents a model for attuning literary study to the political complexities with which writings like these are eternally embroiled." --Thomas Harrison, University of California, Los Angeles

    About the Author/作者介绍: 马乔里•佩洛夫是来自斯坦福大学的英国荣誉退职教授和南加州大学的弗洛伦斯•斯科特教授。她是许多书的作者,包括最近的《诗学》,这是一个新的关键和非原创的天才,也由芝加哥大学出版社出版。

    Marjorie Perloff is professor of English emerita at Stanford University and the Florence R. Scott Professor of English Emerita at the University of Southern California. She is the author of many books, including, most recently, Poetics in a New Key and Unoriginal Genius, also published by the University of Chicago Press.


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