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    English Summary/英文概要: This book addresses the new field of standards dynamics. It focuses in particular on the tension between standards and change. Standards are points of reference and should therefore be inherently stable (at least to a certain degree). However, technologies change at an increasing pace, particularly in the field of information technology (IT). This requires the development of more standards and more updates, and leads to increased competition between standards. In many situations problems arise, such as how to retain compatibility if standards keep on changing and whether to adopt the new version. If standards are related, how does changing one standard affect the others? The contributing authors gathered here analyse the causes and scale of change in order to demonstrate how to prevent, reduce and cope with its negative impact. Addressing a number of highly up-to-date issues including the sustainability of documents and data, this book will be of great interest to those concerned with innovation, management of technology and the emerging field of standardization studies. In addition, standard-setting organizations and policymakers should be aware of the ambivalence of standards dynamics

    Chinese Summary/中文概要: 这本书讨论了标准动态新领域。它特别关注标准和变化之间的紧张关系。标准是参考点,因此应该天生稳定(至少在一定程度上)。然而,技术变化的速度越来越快,特别是在信息技术(IT)领域。这需要开发更多的标准和更新,并导致标准之间的竞争加剧。在许多情况下会出现问题,例如如果标准不断变化,如何保持兼容性,以及是否采用新版本。如果标准是相关的,那么更改一个标准如何影响其他标准?本文的作者在这里分析了变化的原因和规模,以说明如何预防、减少和应对其负面影响。本书探讨了许多最新的问题,包括文件和数据的可持续性,对于那些关注创新、技术管理和新兴的标准化研究领域的人来说,这本书将非常有趣。此外,标准制定组织和决策者应该意识到标准动态的矛盾心理。(WYL)




    ‘The economics of standards has grown from being a rather arcane speciality into a major issue in industrial economics, strategy and technology policy. This collection of empirical papers is edited by two researchers that have made important contributions to that literature. Their particular focus is on what they call “standards dynamics”: what happens to standards after they have been developed. This is welcome, because that particular issue has been largely ignored in the literature so far.’ Author: Peter Swann, Nottingham University Business School, UK

    ‘This book ventures into an unexplored area of standards research. Building on empirical research it addresses the lives of standards. Most standards do not remain stable after they have been established but unfold an often unexpected dynamics of change with more or less desirable consequences. Contributions to this volume – by experienced economists, social scientists, engineers and computer scientists – provide an interdisciplinary basis for understanding the cause and impact of standards dynamics. Intriguing questions and convincing responses reveal the practical and the scientific implications of change. An excellent collection of articles!’ Author: Raymund Werle, Max Planck Institute for the Study of Societies

    ‘This is an important new book that directly addresses probably the most significant and long-standing lacuna in our understanding of standards . . . In many respects, the contributors set out a new paradigm for the investigation of standards. They open the door to new kinds of questions about the function and role of standards in rapidly changing technological and business environments and new approaches to the investigation of standardization phenomena. The scientific implications will be far reaching.’ Author: From the foreword by Richard Hawkins

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