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    English Summary/英文概要: Considered one of the pre-eminent Napoleon Bonaparte experts, Pulitzer Prize-nominated historian Alan Strauss-Schom has turned his sights on another in that dynasty, Napoleon III (Louis-Napoleon) overshadowed for too long by his more romanticised forebear. In the first full biography of Napoleon III by an American historian, Strauss-Schom uses his years of primary source research to explore the major cultural, sociological, economic, financial, international, and militaristic long-lasting effects of France’s most polarizing emperor. Louis-Napoleon’s achievements have been mixed and confusing, even to historians. He completely revolutionized the infrastructure of the state and the economy, but at the price of financial scandals of imperial proportions. In an age when "colonialism" was expanding, Louis-Napoleon’s colonial designs were both praised by the emperor’s party and the French military and resisted by the socialists. He expanded the nation’s railways to match those of England; created major new transoceanic steamship lines and a new modern navy; introduced a whole new banking sector supported by seemingly unlimited venture capital, while also empowering powerful new state and private banks; and oversaw the creation of the first large department stores. Napoleon III wanted to surpass the legacy of his famous uncle, Napoleon I. In The Shadow Emperor, Alan Strauss-Schom sets the record straight on Napoleon III’s legacy.

    Chinese Summary/中文概要: 被认为是杰出的拿破仑•波拿巴专家之一,普利策奖提名的历史学家艾伦•斯特劳斯-卡恩已经把他的目光转向了那个王朝另一个方向,拿破仑三世(路易斯-拿破仑)太长时间笼罩在他更浪漫的祖先阴影之下。在美国历史学家斯特劳斯-肖姆的第一本完整的拿破仑三世传记中,斯特劳斯-肖姆利用他多年来的主要资料研究,探讨了法国最两极分化的皇帝的主要文化、社会学、经济、金融、国际和军事的长期影响。即使对历史学家来说,路易斯-拿破仑的成就也是喜忧参半。他彻底改革了国家和经济的基础设施,但代价是巨大的金融丑闻。在“殖民主义”不断扩张的时代,路易斯-拿破仑的殖民计划受到了皇帝的政党和法国军方的赞扬,也遭到了社会主义者的抵制。他扩大了国家的铁路,使之与英国的相匹配;建立了新的主要的跨洋汽船航线和新的现代海军;引入了一个全新的银行业,由看似无限的风险资本支持,同时赋予强大的新国有和私营银行权力;并监督了第一批大型百货公司的创建。拿破仑三世想要超越他著名的叔叔拿破仑一世的遗产。(WYL)




    "Louis Napoleon’s story is certainly remarkable. Alan Strauss-Schom tells it with brio...a boldly revisionist biography."--The Wall Street Journal

    "An excellent biography...This work’s perceptive synthesis of recent research will interest scholars, and its engaging presentation and fast-paced narrative will attract general readers."--Publishers Weekly

    "Strauss-Schom sheds much-needed light on France’s Second Empire in this compelling biography of Emperor Louis-Napoleon III. Pulitzer Prize-nominated historian Strauss-Schom’s portrayal, while sympathetic, doesn’t gloss over Louis’s flaws: his serial infidelities poisoned his relationship with Empress Eugénie, while his indecisive foreign policy culminated in the Franco-Prussian War. But in stressing the progressive even benevolent ideas that shaped the achievements of his reign, Strauss-Schom helps bring this Bonaparte out of the shadow of his more brutal forebear. "--Library Journal

    About the Author/作者介绍: 艾伦•斯特劳斯-肖姆是一位广受好评的作家和历史学家。《一百天:拿破仑滑铁卢之路》、《特拉法加》、《战斗倒计时》、《拿破仑•波拿巴》分别获得普利策奖和美国国家图书奖提名。它也是图书馆杂志当年排名前五的传记之一,并获得了评论圈奖的提名。

    Alan Strauss-Schom is a critically acclaimed author and historian. He has received Pulitzer Prize and National Book Award nominations for One Hundred Days: Napoleon’s Road to Waterloo, Trafalgar, Countdown to Battle, 1803-1805, and Napoleon Bonaparte which took second place in the Los Angeles Times Best Biography of the Year category, 1997. It was also one of Library Journal’s top five biographies of that year and nominated for a Critics Circle Award.


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