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    English Summary/英文概要: Jihad isn’t a war. It’s an objective. An aberration. If there are young women with children, lost boys... If they are trapped in that hell and we can get them out, don’t we have a duty to do so? Every person we can bring back is living proof that Islamic State is a failure.’

    Ex-British Army soldier John Carney was running a close protection operation for oil executives in Iraq when the family of a young Dutch woman asked him to extract her from the collapsing ’Islamic State’ in Syria. Hearing first-hand about the naive young girls, many from the West, who’d been tricked, sexually abused and enslaved by ISIS, he knew only one thing - he had to get them out of that living hell.

    This is the incredible true story of how - armed with AK-47s and 9mm Glocks - Carney launched a daring, dangerous and deadly operation to free as many of them as he could. From 2016 to 2019, he led his small band of committed Kurdish freedom fighters into the heart of the Syrian lead storm.

    Backed by humanitarian NGOs, and feeding intel to MI6, Carney and his men went behind enemy lines to deliver the women and their children to the authorities, to deradicalization programmes and fair trials.

    Carney, a born soldier, was moved to action by the women’s terrifying stories. He and his men risked their lives daily, not always making it safely home...

    Gripping, shocking and thought-provoking, Operation Jihadi Bride tackles the complex issue of the jihadi brides head on - an essential read for our troubled times.

    Chinese Summary/中文概要: 前英國軍人John Carney潛入伊斯蘭國風暴中心拯救婦女的真實經歷,以及他對伊斯蘭國過去和未來的精闢分析。比驚悚小說更讓人震驚,一個令人難以置信的真實故事。

    如果你只有十幾歲的女兒跑去嫁給一個伊斯蘭國聖戰士而你想要帶她回家,那麼只有一個人你可以打電話:John Carney。

    當John Carney將Laura Hansen和她的兩個孩子從伊斯蘭國拯救出來,逃離伊斯蘭國的摩蘇爾,這個消息震驚了整個歐洲的所有穆斯林社區。這名21歲的荷蘭女子是第一位從伊斯蘭國被拯救出來的聖戰新娘。John Carney一手策劃整個行動,帶領由庫德族、美國和英國傭兵所組成的隊伍,深入伊拉克和敘利亞殘酷戰爭的敵營,拯救了超過100名婦女的性命。而當美國支持的伊拉克部隊在拉卡省和摩蘇爾發動奇襲時,他也為其分享了關於隧道和火力的關鍵情報,這些情報來自他派遣至伊斯蘭國情報機關EMNI內部臥底的間諜網絡。他的庫德族傭兵團隨即在血腥的巷戰中採取行動,他們劫走聖戰新娘,拆下她們的黑色面紗,帶領她們逃到安全地帶。然而他的行動卻帶給了歐洲一個複雜的困境:辨認在這些女孩中,誰仍然是忠誠的聖戰新娘,而誰又只是想要回家的無辜女孩。






    Awards/获奖情况:★本書榮獲Soldier Magazine當月選書


    ★BBC Radio 5 Live推薦


    Fascinating... Incredibly dangerous. (The Times)

    Gripping. Adrenalin fuelled true-life account with all the makings of a military thriller. (Soldier Magazine)

    About the Author/作者介绍: John Carney,42歲,謙虛,善於表達,充滿激情。他曾在約克郡軍團服役六年,並曾兩度派駐北愛爾蘭。他是英國私營軍事和私人保安公司Aegis Defence Services的伊拉克團隊領導者,該組織是由Tim Spicer上校設立的價值數百萬英鎊的私人保全公司。自2011年以來,他一直在伊拉克執行近距離保護任務,最近他在敘利亞/土耳其邊境組織進行去激進化計劃。

    Clifford Thurlow是一位小說家,曾出版長篇小說、短篇小說,並曾為許多主流報章媒體撰稿,他曾獲倫敦藝術委員會新千年短篇小說獎,他是一位專家寫手,曾為多位敘述者撰述,他的作品被翻譯成多國語言。

    Clifford Thurlow trained as a journalist and wrote his first book at age 23. He has been described by Penny Wark of The Times as "one of the UK’s best ghostwriters."

    Thurlow studied Buddhism in India and worked with the Dalai Lama as one of a team translating Tibetan sacred texts into English. He traded gemstones in South East Asia and ran a travelling dolphin show in Spain before moving to Hollywood where he penned Carol White’s autobiography Carol Comes Home.

    Thurlow is noted for creating novelised-style true life memoirs. Two of his books were Sunday Times Top 10 best-sellers - Runaway (Simon & Schuster 2013), the story of Emily MacKenzie’s life as a teenage prostitute; and Today I’m Alice (Sidgwick & Jackson 2009), Alice Jamieson’s story of living with multiple personalities. His latest book Operation Jihadi Bride, John Carney’s covert mission to rescue young women from Isis (Monoray, 2019), was released to a mass of TV and press publicity - ’Fascinating ... incredibly dangerous,’ wrote Ben Machell in The Times.

    Fatwa: Living With A Death Threat (Hodder & Stoughton 2005), describes the flight of Jacky Trevane across the desert with two children to escape an abusive husband - translated into 12 languages, a best-seller in Germany and France. His two books set in Iraq with former infantry captain James Ashcroft, are Escape From Baghdad (Virgin 2009), the rescue of Ashcroft’s former Iraqi interpreter and his family from Shia Death Squads, W H Smith’s Top Twenty; and Making A Killing (Virgin 2006) - on which Andy Martin wrote in The Daily Telegraph: "Ashcroft must have formed a good working alliance with ghostwriter Clifford Thurlow, because this diary of death and destruction radiates not just personality but that illusive, lyrical honesty the existentialists used to call authenticity.’

    Thurlow is also the author of the acclaimed Sex, Surrealism, Dali and Me; the novels Cocaine Confidence and All Things Considered, and Making Short Films (Bloomsbury 2014).


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