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    English Summary/英文概要: For organizations to maintain their competitive advantage, their people need to be performing to the best of their abilities. But in a world of increasing stress and pressure, of rapid technological change and digital overload, supporting and developing employees has never been more difficult. To develop top-performing employees, HR professionals need to move beyond ad hoc engagement initiatives and instead to design and embed employee experience throughout an organization’s processes and culture - from the moment an employee sees a job advert to the moment they leave the company. Employee Experience is a practical guide to achieving this. Employee Experience is full of tools, tips and advice to help HR professionals and business leaders motivate, support and develop their staff to achieve exceptional individual and organizational performance. It includes guidance on how to build experience capabilities in an HR team and on communicating, sustaining and evolving the employee experience, as well as on using networks, nudges and technology. Containing a foreword by Global Industry Analyst Josh Bersin and case studies from companies including Airbnb, Starbucks and Sky, the book shows how focusing on the employee experience improves performance, productivity and profits and how organizations of any size can achieve this success.

    Chinese Summary/中文概要: 对企业来说,为了保持其竞争优势,他们的员工需要发挥最大的能力。但在一个压力越来越大、技术日新月异、数字化过载的世界里,支持并培养员工变得前所未有地困难。为了培养出最优秀的员工,人力资源专业人士需要跳出敬业精神之外,在企业流程和文化中设计并融入员工体验——从员工看到招聘广告的那一刻起,到他们离开公司的那一刻为止。本书便是实现这一目标的实用指南。书中包含大量工具、技巧和建议,帮助人力资源专业人士和企业领导人激励、支持并培养其员工,以显著提升个人及企业绩效,包括如何在人力资源团队中构建体验能力,如何沟通、维持并改进员工体验,以及如何使用网络、各项技术。本书收录了全球行业分析师Josh Bersin撰写的前言,以及Airbnb、星巴克和Sky等公司的案例研究。本书告诉读者,关注员工体验是如何提高绩效、生产率和利润的,以及各种规模的企业应该怎么做才能取得成功。(LYR)

    Awards/获奖情况:“在员工体验的复杂世界中驰骋已经成为区分办公场所好坏的重要指标。本书终于为我们指明了方向。”——Bruce Daisley,推特EMEA副总裁

    “Ben将对待员工的多重原则融入了一个综合的员工体验规划之中。他的这部作品全面、深刻、务实,将帮助各类企业或人力资源主管取得真正的进步。”——Dave Ulrich,Rensis Likert教授,密歇根大学罗斯商学院,RBL集团合伙人

    “这本书太棒了!Ben提出了一个令人信服的例子,说明为什么员工体验应该成为任何企业在重新定义工作重要性时面临的首要任务。”——Colleen Schuller,GSK副总裁,员工体验主管

    “本书对于希望创造一种实现正向企业目标的长期可持续发展的文化的任何一位首席执行官或领导来说,都是必备的蓝图。”——Graham Donoghue,Sykes Holiday Cottages首席执行官

    "Navigating the complexities of employee experience has become the biggest differentiator of great workplaces. At last, a book that gives us the routemap." (Bruce Daisley, Vice-President EMEA, Twitter)

    "Ben has woven multiple strands of treating employees well into an integrated employee experience agenda. His work is comprehensive, insightful, and pragmatic and will help any business or HR leader make real progress." (Dave Ulrich, Rensis Likert Professor, Ross School of Business, University of Michigan, Partner, The RBL Group)

    "This book is fascinating! Ben Whitter presents a compelling case for why Employee Experience should be a top priority for any organization as we look to re-imagine the important role of work; as humans, organizations and society as a whole." (Colleen Schuller, Vice-President, Head of Employee Experience, GSK)

    "Employee Experience is a clear business imperative and strategic enabler, and Ben brings this to life with great passion and clarity. The HEX framework captures the essence wonderfully and can be used by everyone to understand, diagnose, contextualize and strategize their own successful EX journey. Amazing stuff!" (Andrew Longley, Global Senior Director of Talent, Adidas)

    "A must have blueprint for any CEO or People leader looking to create a long-term sustainable culture leading to positive business outcomes." --(Graham Donoghue, Chief Executive Officer, Sykes Holiday Cottages)

    About the Author/作者介绍: Ben Whitter,世界员工体验研究所创始人、首席体验官。作为全球知名的“员工体验先生”,他是员工体验领域的领军人物之一,并在全球率先推广了这一概念,通过写作、主题演讲、战略咨询服务、研讨会和培训,他影响了1600万人。他的工作促成了第一次员工体验大会的召开,并在包括《福布斯》《金融时报》《经济学人》《人力资源小道消息》和《人力资源开发杂志》上被进行过专题报道。

    Ben Whitter is the Founder and Chief Experience Officer of the World Employee Experience Institute. Known globally as Mr Employee Experience, he is one of the leading figures in EX and has pioneered and popularized the concept worldwide, reaching 16 million people through his writing, keynotes, strategic advisory services, workshops and coaching. His work inspired the first EX conferences and has been featured in publications including Forbes, the Financial Times, The Economist, HR Grapevine and HRD magazine.


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