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    English Summary/英文概要: What if you could always get people to do things your way?

    You Deserve Better will teach you specific strategies and tactics designed to improve your negotiation and persuasion skills. Contrary to popular belief, intuition and life experience are not enough. Academic studies have shown that concrete knowledge from behavioral and social science can be brought to bear as you learn how to persuade and negotiate better.

    Sounds great! But can anybody learn these methods? Written in a fluent and accessible style, this book addresses the general public and aims to help everyone. It is rich in instructive negotiation scenarios, with which anybody can identify: employees with their employers and colleagues; parents with young children about hours of television permitted and with teenagers about curfews; partners about sharing housework and raising children; businessmen with customers, investors, suppliers and partners; politicians with friends and foes alike.

    You Deserve Better is packed with “take-away” power! As editor, Tami Chapnick, remarked after completing the editing process, “I find myself using at least one of the tools that I learned from this book every week.” The insights and useful strategies that it demonstrates will remain with you long after you have finished reading.

    Chinese Summary/中文概要: 如果你总是能让人们按照你的方式做事,你会怎么做呢?






    This book explains how to negotiate wiselyKarina Stutland, Yediot Group This fascinating book describes the psychology behind negotiation processes and how to use it for your advantage. The book is based on academic research (but is clear and interesting for non-academics, too) and teaches how to negotiate professionally in many daily situations.
    Mor Asal, For the Lady journal (La-Isha)

    This book is about real-life negotiations, basing its advice on tens of studies and well-researched theories. Think again about your assumptions. You’ll see how they may be outright rejected or surprisingly supported by the facts.The text itself runs smoothly. The editing is precise and contributions of acclaimed author Eshkol Nevo add to the tremendous quality of the boo
    Joseph Nathanson, Managing Partner at Moses Nathanson and Partners

    About the Author/作者介绍: 约西•马阿拉维博士是一位著名的学者、作家和演说家。目前,马阿拉维博士担任以色列最负盛名的私立大学阿德尔森创业学院的副院长。二十多年来,他一直在教育全球各地的学生和管理人员决策、谈判和创新。


    Dr. Yossi Maaravi is a celebrated scholar, author and speaker. Currently, Dr. Maaravi serves as the Deputy Dean of the Adelson School of Entrepreneurship at IDC – Israel’s most prestigious private university. For over two decades, he has been educating students and managers across the globe in decision-making, negotiation and innovation.

    His acclaimed books have been translated into English, Hebrew, Korean and Arabic and he has published articles in numerous popular journals as well as scholarly journals.


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